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Portland Health and Wellness offers a weight reduction program specifically designed for women who are at risk of developing or have already developed weight-related health problems. Our evidence-based approach looks at health rather than weight and focuses on long-term results.

Studies indicate that most people that lose weight via dieting (or the use of appetite suppressants) regain most or all of the weight loss in less than 5 years. In fact, many people who have gone through the lose-gain-lose-gain cycle have simply given up on the possibility of ever being able to maintain a healthy or lower weight. At Portland Health and Wellness, we have taken the latest research and designed a year-long comprehensive program that allows participants to adopt and maintain a lifestyle that promotes health.

Our medically-supervised, multidisciplinary program addresses, in depth, factors that oftentimes interfere with weight loss and/or weight maintenance. By making lifestyle changes, many women find that their weight loss is actually a by-product of healthy lifestyle habits, rather than a seemingly endless cycle of dieting. Our weight reduction program provides individuals with all of the tools necessary to maintain weight loss over the long-term. Use of appetite suppressants is not a part of our program. Participants can expect to lose 5 to 10% of their body weight over a period of 6 months. Two large studies have shown that weight loss in this range, along with regular physical activity, can dramatically reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The weight reduction program offered by Portland Health and Wellness includes a variety of cooking demonstrations, a grocery store shopping tour, individual consultation with a clinical nutritionist, a thorough medical assessment, supervised physical activity, and weekly groups that explore a wide range of issues related to emotions and lifestyle patterns.

New groups start each month and are limited to 10 female participants. This service is generally not covered by insurance. To schedule a consultation at no cost with our medical director, Marcela Vinocur, MD, please call 503.236.4506.

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