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Donald Altman, MA
Donald Altman, MA is a former Buddhist monk and author of the highly acclaimed "Art of the Inner Meal", "Meal by Meal", and "Living Kindness". As a psychotherapist, he has extensive experience with eating disorders and disordered eating. In addition to offering individual psychotherapy, he leads Mindful Eating workshops, including an all new Mindful Eating boot camp at Portland Health and Wellness.  He also lectures and teaches about bringing mindfulness and ancient spiritual values into daily life across the country .  He has worked as a mental health therapist at St. Vincent Eating Disorder Clinic.  Donald serves on the Board of Directors of The Center for Mindful Eating.

Christine E. Howard, PsyD
Dr. Howard is a graduate of Pacific University. She has extensive experience working with anxiety and depression, eating disorders, compulsive or addictive behaviors, and issues related to body image. She uses a mindfulness-based approach that combines Interpersonal, Gestalt, and Cognitive-Behavioral interventions. Dr. Howard is familiar with empirically validated treatments as well as more experientially-based forms of therapy. Christine uses Eastern philosophy and the concepts of mindfulness meditation to help clients become more comfortable in their bodies and to develop a new relationship with food.

Heather Rice
Heather has been actively teaching yoga since 2003.  She received her yoga training through the Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Institute.  She formerly taught as a senior yoga instructer at Philly Yoga Studio in Philadelphia.  Heather has developed a teaching style that blends the mind/body connection with wellness.  She is an effective teacher for all levels of experience and aptitude. 

Marta Vaughn, RD, LD
Marta is a graduate of Bastyr University.  Her previous experience includes pediatric through older-adult clients.  She specializes in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management, disordered eating, and chronic disease prevention.  As a Registered Dietitian she practices nutrition therapy through one-on-one consultation, grocery store tours, and group classes.  Marta is passionate about mindful eating, wellness, and the enjoyment of food.  She embraces all foods in her counseling; two of her favorites are red raspberries and homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Marcela Vinocur, MD
Dr. Vinocur is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine. She completed her residency in psychiatry at Oregon Health Sciences University in 1993. She has worked in both the public and private sectors and has had a long-standing interest in women?s health. Her professional interests include treatment of obesity, affective disorders, nutrition, preventive medicine, cross-cultural psychiatry, and developmental disabilities. Dr. Vinocur is an experienced psychopharmacologist. She is particularly interested in diabetes prevention and the relationship between chronic illness and mood disorders. Along with a psychotherapist and 3 nutritionists, she has developed an evidence-based weight reduction program for women who suffer from weight-related health problems or are at risk of developing such problems.

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